Getting It Built
Along with a foundation, sunspaces require assembling and sealing large expanses of glass and making a watertight connection to the house itself. Fortunately, most dealers work with teams of local contractors to assemble their products. Expect labor and installation charges to start at $2,500 for a 10x7-foot sunspace. If you hire your own help, look for experience with the sunroom you're buying. The requirements vary from one manufacturer to the next. Even different lines from the same manufacturer can require different building procedures. You'll also need the usual building permits and variances. Inspectors tend to approve the structure if it's from a well-known manufacturer. But most inspectors will scrutinize any site-built work, including the foundation. A sunspace can make a truly radiant addition to your home. Just be sure the design meets your needs and the materials you choose fit your climate and lifestyle.
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