Lindal Cedar Homes
Photograph by Smith-Baer
No matter how large a house appears when you move in, it seems to shrink the longer you live there. If yours is starting to cramp your style, preengineered sunspaces could be a brighter alternative to building a walled-in, frame-construction room from scratch. Also known as conservatories, greenhouses, and solariums, these panoramic living areas are made of aluminum or wood frames that hold large glass panels. Besides providing a light-filled living area, prefabricated sunspaces give the feeling of being outdoors while you relax inside. They go up faster and easier than frame-built rooms, and can also help with heating costs. And while prices for these instant additions can top $30,000, a 10x7-foot basic model starts at just $6,000. There are a few important details to consider when buying a sunspace and having it installed. What's more, in a few scenarios they aren't such a bright idea.
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