Water Goes On and Off

Problem: Water to the tank goes on and then off every 20 minutes or so. There may also be a gurgling sound. Solution: A leaky valve seat, the exit hole at the bottom of the tank, usually causes these problems. Here are the two possible scenarios: The flapper (or tank ball in some older toilets) should seal the valve. If the valve is caked with mineral deposits, it can leak. Scrub the valve seal (and tank ball or flapper if necessary) with distilled white vinegar and a scouring pad. Another possibility is that the flapper or tank ball is misaligned or damaged. Inspect it for cracks, rips, or tears, and adjust or replace it if necessary. For a flapper, make sure it's centered and square to the overflow tube. If you need to replace the flapper, simply unhook it and install a new one. For a misaligned tank ball, adjust the wire until the ball fits snugly. To replace a tank ball, just unscrew it. Older ones often disintegrate when handled, so unscrew the ball mount with pliers.

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