Gurgles, Ripples, Hissing

Problem: Gurgles, ripples in the bowl, or a hissing sound. Solution: This problem usually indicates the water level is too high in the tank, with the excess pouring into the overflow tube. In a toilet with a float-ball ball cock, the ball at the end of a brass rod rises with the water as the tank refills. At a set water level, the rod-and-ball assembly turns off the diaphragm ball cock, shutting off source water. If the ball isn't set low enough, water will crest and pour into the overflow tube. Stop this by gently bending down the rod by hand to lower the water level in the tank. For a floating-cup ball cock, a cup slides up the ball-cock shaft as the water level rises and lifts a wire that trips the ball cock off. To lower the water level, pinch the clip holding the floating cup to the wire and slide it down the ball-cock shank. For a floatless ball cock, turn the adjustment screw located at the base of the ball cock counterclockwise. Work the screw in half-turn increments. A new ball cock costs around $6.

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