Lighting and Ventilation
The right lighting can help turn ordinary space into a luxury bath, according to kitchen and bath designer Colleen B. Langston of Albrite Bath and Kitchen in Tucson, Arizona. "Regardless of your bathroom size or budget, pay careful attention to lighting details and fixtures." Langston recommends placing strip lights on either side of the mirror, rather than above, for grooming. (Overhead lighting creates shadows on your face.) She also recommends using frosted instead of clear bulbs for more even light and installing fixtures directly on a mirror so it can reflect and double their effect. To minimize moisture problems, Lenner suggests installing an exhaust fan large enough to change the air in the bathroom eight times per hour. Figuring fan size is easy: Determine the total cubic footage of the room (length 5 width 5 height), multiply that number by eight, then divide by 60 to find out the cubic feet of air per minute (cfm) rating you need. If the cfm requirement of the room falls between fan ratings, choose a fan with the next-larger rating.
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