1. Drywall Nail Pops Pops occur when lumber shrinks and exposes the shank of a nail or screw, according to Myron Ferguson, a drywall contractor in Broadalbin, New York. Pressure on the loose drywall panel causes the head of the fastener to pop through. To repair, drive a drywall screw about 1 1/2 inches above or below the pop on the same stud. Press the panel firmly against the framing as you set the screw. Next, remove or reset the popped fastener. If the surface is damaged, Ferguson uses mesh tape to strengthen and conceal the repair. "Compared with paper tape, mesh trowels out thinner." Improper fastener length can also contribute to the problem. When installing drywall, make sure the screws penetrate the stud by at least 5/8 inch; nails should penetrate the stud by at least 7/8 inch. Don't set the fastener too deep; tearing the paper surface also reduces the holding power of the fastener. "Do it right the first time," urges Ferguson. "Use a screw gun and wallboard adhesive. Applying adhesive reduces the number of fasteners needed."
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