Installing The New Trim
You'll have to cut back the siding at each corner if you install wider boards. Because the two new boards overlap in a butt joint at the corner, you only have to cut along one wall to create the 4 1/2-in.-wide recess needed. Pull away nails on the cut line and renail the siding 1 in. in before trimming. You'll also have to make a cutting jig for your circular saw to execute a straight cut up the wall. To do that, screw a 1/2-in. plywood base to the saw shoe, then attach a 3/4x1-in. edge guide to the plywood base using the combined width and thickness of the new trim. Set the blade just deep enough to cut through the siding, hold the saw in position with the guide hooked over the old trim boards and carefully make the cut. Yank off the old boards and remove the cut-off pieces of siding. Before nailing up the new trim, apply two coats of a high-quality exterior paint. Let the paint dry overnight, then attach the trim with 3 1/2-in.-long (16d) hot-dipped galvanized or stainless-steel nails. Drill pilot holes first or you'll bend lots of nails driving them through this dense material. Finally, apply one final paint coat, making sure to cover each nailhead.
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