Timber-Frame Garden Shed This 10x14-foot Timber-Frame Garden Shed has a rugged, yet charming style that will complement any yard or garden. Designed by New York-based architect Ira Grandberg, it features a post-and-beam frame, pine siding, dual sliding doors, and a brick-in-sand floor. However, the most interesting characteristic is that you can fill any of the bays within the timber frame with a choice of materials. We enclosed the frame with tongue-and-groove pine boards and barn-sash windows. Other options include: a recessed box for firewood storage; tilt-out bins for bags of seed or fertilizer; and a hutch for trash cans. The materials to build this shed cost $2,500, including the shingles and brick pavers. Plans are available for $50. Construction details. The framework is built of pressure-treated pine timbers: 6x6s for the walls, and 4x4s for the roof rafters. The 6x6 posts and beams were joined with mortise-and-tenon joints, but you can save time by joining the 6x6s with metal timber-framing hardware. Our shed was built on a sloping lot, so the foundation was made by stacking three 6x6s on top of a bed of gravel. The top course of timbers served as the mudsill. Mortises were cut into the sill to accept tenons that were milled into the bottom ends of the posts. The only angle cuts in the entire frame were made on the roof. The 4x4 rafters are mitered to 40 degrees where they meet the 2x6 ridge board, and the collar ties, which are screwed across the rafters, are cut at 50 degrees.
by Michael Morris

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