repairing blacktop driveway
Photo by: Carolyn Betes
Driveways aren't just for cars. Many of the 75 million driveways in the U.S. do double duty as play areas and convenient work spaces for all kinds of projects. But an increasing number of driveways are showing their age: cracks, heaving, spalling and other signs of distress. Many of these surfaces can be renewed with the procedures described in "Renewing Your Driveway." Others will have to be replaced.

Although 90 percent of driveways in the United States are either asphalt or concrete, there are a number of other options including crushed stone, gravel, cobblestone and interlocking concrete pavers in a variety of patterns. Prices range from $1 per square foot for stone and gravel to $13 or more for cobblestone paving.

To make your decision easier, we'll lay out the pros and cons as well as costs for each of the four major driveway materials, and include a few of our own recommendations. But first we'll detail repair methods for concrete and asphalt to help you make the driveway (and basketball court/outdoor workshop) last as long as possible.

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