Step by Step
1. Remove the one-piece cover from the bottom of the range hood. Also, remove the aluminum damper/duct connector that's attached to the inside of the hood. 2. Pry off the rectangular knockout from the rear of the hood for ducting straight back through the house wall. The unit can also be ducted through the top. 3. Attach the damper/duct connector over the knockout hole. You can adjust it up to 1 in. off center if needed to avoid a stud or other obstacle. 4. Pull the old range hood from the wall after removing its mounting screws. Be sure the electricity is off to this circuit. 5. Cut out the rectangular duct hole with a drywall saw. Hold a wet/dry vacuum under the saw to capture any dust that falls. 6. Bore through the exteriort wall with a 3/8-in. spade bit and an extension shaft by drilling exactly at each corner of the hole. 7. Use a sabre saw to cut a duct hole measuring 3 1/2 x 10 1/4 in. through the siding and the plywood wall sheathing beneath. 8. Pass the electrical cable through the round knockout hole in the rear of the hood, then tighten the cable clamp. 9. Secure the new range hood with four large-headed screws driven into the upper wall cabinet above. 10. Slide the wall cap through the duct hole, making sure it joins the damper/duct connector on the rear of the range hood.

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