Fixing Wobbly Ceiling Fans There are a number of on-the-spot fixes for a wobbly ceiling fan. To check blades for alignment, hold a yardstick vertically against the outer, leading edge of a paddle with the end of the yardstick against the ceiling. Note this measurement and compare it to those of the other blades. Gently bend any wayward blades into line. If the fan is still shaky, try swapping adjacent paddles. If that fails to solve the problem, a blade-balancing kit, available from the manufacturer of the fan, might do the trick. Some companies, such as Casablanca, will send these kits to fan owners free of charge or can refer you to a supply source in your area. To use a blade-balancing kit, attach the balancing clip at the midpoint of the leading edge of each blade, one at a time, then run the fan and observe the wobble. On the paddle with the least amount of play, fix the clip to the front edge again, this time close to the blade bracket. Spin the fan again, checking to see if stability improves. Continue moving the clip out to the end of the blade and testing the rotation. When you've found the point on the paddle where the fan runs most smoothly, apply the self-adhesive weight on the center line of the blade, opposite the clip. If necessary, repeat the procedure, adding more weights to the blades as needed.

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