Putting on the Hardware
Next, install the standards on the inside of the cabinet. Use a level to make sure they're perfectly vertical (left), then secure them with 5/8-in.-long screws. Position the front standards 2 1/2 in. from the inside edge of the face frame; on a frameless cabinet measure from the front edge of the cabinet. Install the rear set 17 1/16 in. from the first set, measuring from the center of one to the center of the other.

Bolt two metal shelf-standard brackets to each drawer slide, making sure they're 17 1/16 in. from center to center. To mount the slides, snap the clips into the slots in the standards. (below)

Detach the sliding rail from each slide by depressing its release lever, and fasten a rail to each side of the shelves with screws (above). To install each shelf, align its sliding rails with the slides inside the cabinet and push it all the way in. The rails will automatically lock into place.
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