Hardware Highlights
Each shelf is mounted to a pair of 22-in.-long Accuride Series 3832 full-extension drawer slides, which cost around $17 per pair. The load rating of these smooth-rolling, ball-bearing slides is 100 lbs., the minimum capacity for heavy kitchen loads. They come in lengths ranging from 10 in. ($15) to 28 in. ($21), and in three colors—black, white and zinc. "Full-extension" means the entire shelf slides out of the cabinet. You can substitute standard drawer slides (just $7 per pair), but then only three-quarters of the shelf will be accessible. Slides are typically fastened directly to the inside walls of a cabinet or to stationary brackets screwed in place. Unfortunately, neither offers a practical way to adjust shelves up or down for storing tall or short items. We discovered a way to gain total storage flexibility and simplify the installation process: Each slide is mounted to a pair of shelf standards ($6 for four 24-in.-long, brass-finish standards) with Accuride's Shelf Standard Brackets ($10 for a set of four; one set is needed for each shelf). The brackets bolt onto the slides and snap into the slots in the standards. This system can be installed in both face-frame and frameless cabinets.
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