Trucker's Hitch: Securing Loads
The trucker's hitch enables you to cinch down a load on your car top or truck as tightly as ratcheting straps and more securely than any elastic cord. This hitch uses several of the basic knots described earlier to create a system that doubles your mechanical advantage when tightening and then holds the line tight. Step 1: First, tie off the rope on one side of the load (not shown), then cross the rope over the load and tie an overhand loop in the standing part of the rope. Next, feed the free end under the bar or hook of the rack and then up through the loop. Step 2: To tighten the rope on the load, pull down on the free end; pinch the loop to keep the tension between pulls. When the rope is very tight, tie a half hitch with the free end. Step 3:To fully secure the rope, tie a second half hitch.
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