Two Half Hitches: Tying Off
This knot comes in handy for tying a rope to branches, ladder rungs, and other ropes. One half hitch isn't much by itself, but tie two back-to-back, and you've got a loop that, unlike the bowline, will tighten around an object. This knot can be somewhat difficult to untie once secure, and tying more than two hitches doesn't make the knot any stronger. Use this knot to tie off the trucker's hitch. Step 1: Pull the end of the rope around the object and make a loop around the standing part. Step 2: Make another loop around the standing part of the rope. Snug up until the two half hitches are tight.
To prevent the knot from slipping along the object it's tied to, wrap the rope an extra time around the object before making the knot. Three or four loops around the object will turn this knot into a pipe hitch knot — a great knot to use when attaching a swing to a tree branch.
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