visible address
Every home should be equipped with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. But having proper alert systems is only half the battle. Getting the fire department or a emergency rescue unit to your house quickly is equally important. But too often that task is made tough by hard-to-see addresses. Studies show that only 20 percent of house addresses are visible at night, and only 50 percent are during the day. Illuminare address light fixtures are one solution to this problem. The fixtures feature 4-inch black numbers that are backlit at night, making the address visible against a white background. In the daytime, the numbers are easily readable against a white translucent lens. The light can be hardwired to a 110V system and controlled by a switch, just like other outdoor lighting system. Or, for energy savings, the light can be wired to a low-voltage transformer that can be easily concealed in a lamppost. MORE INFO: Sparkle Plenty, 800-621-6460
COST: $39 and up

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