This Old House TV: Manchester house project
In its former days, the Colonial-Revival portico of the Manchester house stood as a glorious introduction to what lay beyond. Beautifully designed and crafted with Corinthian capitals atop fluted columns and detailed with ornate modillion brackets, this space made for an impressive welcome.

But in the battle against the elements of nature, this treasure of visual detail became buried beneath many layers of heavily applied paint. The paint build-up became so thick and brittle that stress cracks developed. The result was a breached paint system, which left the architectural elements beneath it vulnerable. Brackets and capitals, made of plaster, decomposed in the salt air. Many of the brackets lay on the ground, the nails that once attached them reduced to a residue of rust. The bases of the wood columns were rotted, a process accelerated by clogged downspouts and overflowing gutters.
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