The technique for replacing a damaged vinyl tile is even easier than double-cutting sheet vinyl. Begin by using an electric heat gun to warm the damaged tile and soften the adhesive underneath. Next, pry out pieces of the tile with a stiff-blade putty knife or dull wood chisel (photo A). Be careful not to damage any of the surrounding tiles Once you've removed the entire tile, scrape the subfloor clean of any residual adhesive or bits of broken tile (photo B). Then peel off the protective paper from the back of the replacement tile if it's a new adhesive-back tile (photo C), or apply mastic to the subfloor if you're using a tile you lifted from somewhere else. Finish by pressing the replacement tile into place (photo D). If you used mastic, cover the tile with wax paper and weigh it down. Be sure to wait 24 hours before traversing the newly repaired flooring.

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