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Spray foams that come in 12-ounce cans provide an easy way to seal gaps around cracks, window and door frames, and vent and plumbing stacks. But most of these products are polyurethanes, which means they're messy to use and difficult to remove from hands and clothing. A product from DAP allows you to avoid that mess. Daptex is made with a latex base that allows soap and water cleanup. In addition, this nontoxic foam cures to a bright white color that can be painted. Even better, the foam remains somewhat flexible so it can be easily trimmed or molded with a utility knife. The applicator allows you to direct the foam where it is needed. Once applied, the foam has a controlled rate of expansion that keeps it from overexpanding and damaging building components, a real concern with some polyurethane-foam products. Cost: about $4 for a 12-oz. can
More info: DAP Inc.
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