A Snapshot of Counter Materials
Installed Cost
Post-formed laminate
$8 to $10
No-frills surface. Integral backsplash and rolled front edge. Curves and undermount sinks won't work.
High-pressure laminate
$15 to $20
Good value. Huge range of colors, patterns and edge treatments. With care, long-lasting but extremely difficult to repair.
$25 to $30
Unlimited design options, with great heat and stain resistance. But a hard uneven surface, and grout lines can stain.
$30 to $40
A warm look and a resilient surface. No need for an extra cutting board, but plan on regular maintenance.
Fiber cement
$30 to $40
Same slablike appearance as stone at a lower cost. Limited colors. Will stain without regular resealing.
Solid surfacing
$45 to $80
Stain-resistant and repairable, and integral sinks make for a seamless appearance. Many colors and patterns, but pricey.
Natural stone
$60 to $100+
Hard and unyielding, but beautiful textures and colors available. Some stone stains easily. Elegant but expensive.
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