Maintenance Tips

Here's some advice, from the experts at Lumière, located in Westlake Village, California, on keeping your outdoor-lighting fixtures in shape:
  • Periodic cleaning can help reduce calcium deposits from water falling on fixtures and lenses. If the deposits are heavy, use a household cleaner formulated to remove lime.
  • Lubricate threads with an anti-oxidizing, antiseize lubricant like Permatex, found at auto-supply stores.
  • Lubricate the socket and lamp base with a high-heat silicone compound to prevent metals from corroding together, which makes it tough to unscrew a lamp.
  • Check fixture mounts to make sure they are secure, safe and not causing damage to trees or other landscape features.
  • Verify that landscaping and vegetation are not shielding the fixture and blocking the light. You may have to move fixtures or trim plants.
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