Color Options

Natural roofing materials, such as slate and wood, offer the colors of nature. Manufactured materials can imitate those colors and also provide homeowners with a variety of other shades. Choose colors for your roof based on what you like and what works best with the siding and trim colors on your house. Many manufacturers have color samples and videos that help match roof colors to siding. For example, Wayne, New Jersey-based GAF Building Materials Corp. has developed the Smart Choice computer program, which allows contractors to show customers how various GAF products will look on their home. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, a Rockville, Maryland-based trade group, also offers a guide for combining asphalt shingles with siding and trim. The color of the roof can affect the energy efficiency of your home. White or light-color roofs tend to reflect sunlight, mitigating some heat buildup in sunny, hot climates. Conversely, a heat-absorbing dark-color roof is a good choice in cold-weather climates. Color can also produce visual effects to improve the proportions of your home. A light-color roof can make a low-slung ranch look taller or a contemporary-style home seem airier. And a dark-color roof can help an unusually tall or steep-roofed building appear less overwhelming.
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