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Historically, most roofing choices were regional: slate for the Northeast; wood shingles and metal for the South; wood shingles and shakes for the Midwest and West; and tile for the Southwest. All that changed with the introduction of asphalt shingles, which are cheap to make and can imitate the look of natural materials. The result is asphalt shingles that provide some of the crispness of slate or the heavy shadows of split-wood shakes at a fraction of the cost. Concrete and fiber-cement tiles can also be made to look like Spanish-mission tile and slate. When making your selection, consider the style of your home and that of the other houses in your neighborhood. Also look at siding styles and materials. Then tour the area to see what types of roofs enhance the homes you like. Some roofing shows an affinity for specific home styles and siding types:
  • Brick houses built in a traditional style, such as Federal or Colonial, usually look good with slate roofs.
  • Houses with wood siding, or a material that looks like wood, tend to work well with slate or wood roofing.
  • Stucco and Spanish-style tile traditionally go well together.

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