Anatomy of a Low-Flow Toilet

FLUSH LEVER: Pulls the lift chain. LIFT CHAIN: Opens the flapper. A chain float limits the flush to 1.6 gallons by closing the flapper when the tank has drained to a set level. OVERFLOW TUBE: Protects against an accidental overfilling of the tank. FLOAT: Shuts a valve on the supply line when the tank level reaches a predetermined depth. FLAPPER: Releases tank water into the bowl. When released by the chain float, drops against the flush valve seat, sealing the tank so it can refill. TRAP: Holds water in the bowl, blocking the entry of sewer gases, until the flow from the tank pushes the water over the weir. SIPHON JET: Concentrates flow from the tank, jump-starting the siphoning effect. RIM HOLES (not shown): Release water during the flush, cleaning the sides of the bowl.

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