Six Signs of Paint Failure
When paint isn't the problem Old age doesn't always deserve the blame when paint cracks and peels. When moisture gets behind siding, it can literally push paint off the front. Read the existing paint for clues:
  • Bulges or flakes at the top of a wall point to gutter or roof leaks; they should be found and fixed.
  • Paint peeling on a wall next to a bathroom means condensation on the back of siding is being drawn through the wood when sunshine warms the wall. Install an exhaust fan vented to the outside.
  • If window trim alone is peeling, pry off trim boards and plug gaps around the frame with a low-expansion foam sealant.
  • If an entire wall is peeling, the siding may need better ventilation. One solution is to slip eighth-of-an-inch thick wedges under the lower edge of each board or shingle. One paint company sells plastic snap-off devices for this purpose. Do not caulk the bottom edge of clapboards.
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