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Thanks to a growing array of online services, anyone can have access to an interior designer. Here's the scoop on five stylish options:

Price: Free
What you get: A shoppable design board—think Pinterest—that's curated by designers, who receive a cut of product sales via the app.

Price: $79-$199 per room
What you get: Two concept boards; top price includes revisions. After that, buy products through the site.

Laurel & Wolf
Price: $299–$499 per room
What you get: Three designs and a one-week revision process. You pick a designer from those who submit pitches based on your budget and style.

Price: Starts at $199 per room
What you get: Two room designs, plus revisions. You are paired with a designer based on budget and style, and order products through the site.

Price: No charge for the initial consult, then $100 or $130 per hour
What you get: A 1-hour in-person or video consult with a junior- or senior- level pro who's matched with you; after, you pay for furniture sourcing and layout ideas by the hour.
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