after of budget redo for boy's rustic style bedroom
After: The paneled walls get a more sophisticated look with a coat of neutral gray; painting the armoire a similar hue helps it blend in to give the illusion of more space. An iron-look bed frame suits the new big-boy decor, while the wood-planked ceiling creates visual interest and warms up the room.
The Project Tally
• Gave a hand-me-down bed a wrought-iron look with leftover spray paint $0
• Painted the walls stormy gray $30
• Lined the ceiling with free wood-pallet planks they sanded and nailed to a plywood base $50
• Installed an industrial-style ceiling fan $140
• Finished the room with an armoire, a bookcase, a vintage school desk, and a dresser bought at auction $15
• Added a pinboard DIYed from fabric and cork panels found on clearance $6
• Hung curtains snagged from the thrift store and blinds they already had on hand $7

Total $248
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