before of budget redo for boy's rustic style bedroom
Before: Periwinkle blue dominated the made-for-baby space, but once their son got older, it was time for a redesign.
Rustic Accents
First, she and Mitch painted the periwinkle paneled walls a more neutral gray. Then, inspired by images of salvaged wood-plank walls they had seen online, Mitch lined the ceiling with wood from pallets scored for free at the food-processing plant where he works and added a new industrial-style ceiling fan. To complete the room, Kat added sturdy vintage furniture she found at local thrift stores and auctions, and hung gingham curtains and woven blinds on the windows. But Kat and Mitch's favorite part, by far, is that showstopping ceiling. "When we finished, we would just lie on Ryder's bed and stare at it," Kat says. "The texture and warmth are just right."
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