home office remodel after with diy built-in bookcases
After: Walls lined with fresh white shelves, drawers, and a second desk boost storage space and let the existing vintage desk take center stage.
Home offices can be clutter magnets, with too much stuff and not enough storage space. That's what Ronda Batchelor found in her workspace, where documents, books, and craft supplies had taken over the small room. To restore order, Ronda plotted out wall-to-wall built-ins; but to keep costs down, she knew she'd have to get creative. Rather than build shelves from scratch, Ronda scoured local resale listings and secondhand shops for old TV cabinets, bookshelves, and a desk, which she bought piecemeal. Once she had found enough to fill two adjoining walls, she and husband Les removed the room's baseboards and built a toekick platform out of 2x4s on which to rest the pieces.
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