Scott Omelianuk with a stove similar to the one in The Great TOH Giveaway
Photo: Kolin Smith
August 2013

So the window guy was over to discuss a pair of ground-level arch-top windows at the front of my house.

They long ago needed to be replaced, but their small size and curious geometry made them a challenge until he came to the rescue. We talked about timing and options—and cost, which, of course, is always too much.

My wife asked, "Is it less if they don't open?" knowing that the answer was likely no and that they needed to open anyway.

The conversation turned to what others in the neighborhood were up to, and he mentioned a house not too far away that was in the middle of a gut remodel.

"Just the windows," he said, "are a hundred grand."

When I picked up my jaw, I asked, "Where do people get the money? Where do they come from?" And he replied with something to the effect of "Not my world."

My guess is, that's not your world either.

Which is exactly why we started The Great TOH Giveaway sweepstakes. The first year we ran the sweeps, the prizes totaled $31,149. This year you can enter The Great TOH Giveaway for a chance to win—wait for it—more than a half-million dollars in goods! The biggest "gives" come from a small group of generous companies: MasterBrand Cabinets is donating $40,000 in cabinets and $10,000 in installation services. DaVinci Roofscapes is offering $50,000 in Bellaforte polymer roofing to be split between two lucky winners. Kohler is giving a slate of prizes that totals over $50,000 and includes not only bathroom suites but also, yup, the kitchen sink. We even have windows, $49,998 worth of them, from Simonton, which was recently found by J.D. Power & Associates to have the highest customer-satisfaction rating among window manufacturers.

You'll have to find your own pro to install them. Or you can try to do it yourself. Either way, you won't have to spend $100,000, which, I think we can all agree, makes it, if not exactly your world, a much better world all around.

Pictured: The editor didn't win this stove, but you could—or, rather, one just like it!
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