budget remodel after bright breakfast room
Photo: Deme Crinion
After: A new banquette saves space, while fresh white on the old table, gradient stripes on the walls, coral chairs, and colorful art brighten the nook.
The Project Tally
• Removed wallpaper, then had a contractor friend help replaster the walls at a discount. $50

• Painted the walls with bands of pale to medium gray. $60

• Snagged a corner bench off Craigslist and painted it and the table white; added washable cushions sewn from on-sale outdoor fabric. $178

• Lowered chairbacks by cutting off the top rails; coated the chairs with a sample can of coral paint. $6

• Mounted framed prints and put up a gallery wall made with ceramic knobs and jute twin. $53

Total $347
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