budget redo tidy foyer with wainscoting and hooks before
Photo: Jami Nato
Before: The entry boasted lots of floor space but no place for coats and shoes.
Mark set the stage with double-panel wainscoting, nailing up 1x6 pine planks for the horizontal rails, which echo the beefy baseboards, and 1x4 boards for the vertical stiles. A slim pine shelf nailed directly into the top rail creates space for displaying the kids' artwork. Jami and Mark caulked the seams between the boards and the wall before painting the area with white semigloss for a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. To add open storage, Mark mounted two sets of chrome hooks on each side of the entry: combination coat-and-hat hooks for adults and two-pronged hooks for kids' jackets and backpacks. Jami finished the space with an oversize sisal-blend rug just inside the door for wiping muddy feet, adding benches for slipping on shoes. Now everyone's belongings have a place to park. "It feels cleaner and brighter even though there's more stuff on the wall," Jami says. "And it makes the whole house much more user-friendly."
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