how to fix scratches and stains from pets on wood floors
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Conceal surface scratches with a simple stain-filled marker (Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker, $8.49; Deeper gouges require wood filler, which can be sanded down and stained to match the surrounding boards. If you're unsure about the stain color of your floors, it's best to start light and gradually go darker. "Start with the lightest stain you can," says Hunt. "Let it dry for a few minutes, then add another coat to deepen the color if needed."

Scratches covering a large surface area are best handled by sanding and, if necessary, restaining all the affected boards and resealing with polyurethane. Keep in mind that matching the finish of your existing polyurethane can be tough, says Hunt. Make sure you choose a product with the right sheen, whether gloss, semigloss, or satin, and for best results, coat the entire length of each board you're repairing. If the damaged area isn't very large—smaller than, say, a standard piece of paper—it might be best to simply forget about resealing unless the blemish is in a high-traffic spot, says Hunt.

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