close up of blue painted wall with leaf-stamped gold pattern paint idea
Photo: Stewart Grant/ESS/IPC Images
To get a lacy look, practice on paper before moving to the wall. Adjust the amount of paint—and pressure—until you get a look you like.
Then, with a small foam brush, paint the leaf's back using metallic craft paint or any paint in a color or finish that contrasts with the wall. Remove the paper towel and find a spot for the leaf on the wall. Press firmly without twisting or rocking. Continue, randomly scattering leaves or arranging them evenly. To avoid rigid rows but achieve pleasing spacing, tie one end of a piece of string to a pencil and knot the other end; place the knot at the center of the first stamp, mark the center of the next one, and so on. Don't lose sleep over imperfections: A little natural variation is part of the charm.
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