blue painted wall with leaf-stamped gold pattern paint idea
Photo: Stewart Grant/ESS/IPC Images
How to Paint a Leaf Stamp

Cost: About $10
Time: About 4 hours per wall
Difficulty: Easy
Tools: Foam brush
Shopping List: Metallic craft paint, craft glue, paper, paper towel, a pencil, and string

Here's a DIY project that doesn't require much in the way of supplies. Simply step outside, gather leaves that have a shape you like, and you're halfway there. The pattern here was made with a bodhi leaf used as a stamp; for a similar look, you could try a linden, an aspen, a catalpa, or a redbud. Make sure the leaves are flat yet pliable. For each stamp, run a tiny amount of craft glue down the middle of the front of the leaf and stick it to a square of paper. Slide pieces of paper towel between the leaf and the backing paper to keep paint from getting on the paper.
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