fireplace redo after with white wood trim, rustic mantelshelf and black-painted firebox
After: White wood trim brightens the fireplace, which is accented by a rustic mantelshelf; a black-painted firebox adds depth.
The Project Tally
Removed the woodstove; painted the firebox, brick border, and hearth with black heat-resistant paint they had on hand. $0

Created a flat face for the new mantel by gluing up sheets of lauan plywood. $33

Added mantel legs with 1-by-4-inch MDF cut to length and glued in place. $10

Made a top panel from ¼-inch poplar. $15

Filled all the seams with paintable caulk. $3

Helped the woodwork pop with a coat of white paint. $13

Boxed out the existing mantel shelf with stock pine lumber that they distressed and stained themselves for a rustic look. $13

Total: $87
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