Photo: Wendell T. Webber
It may sound strange, but lightly layering, or ragging on, a second color over one you love can actually enhance the base color. How? "It really lets you play with that color’s light and depth," says decorative painter Ingrid Leess. Here, she populated an expanse of sky blue with cloud-like wisps of white to give this room a fresh, breezy quality.

Once the base coat is dry, mix equal parts clear acrylic glaze and a top-coat color that is a lighter shade than the base and has a satin finish. Mask off areas you don’t want to rag. Pull on rubber gloves, saturate a clean cotton rag—old T-shirts work well—with the glaze mix, and wring it out.

Pack the rag in one hand and, holding it lightly, dab on the top coat. Leave some areas unragged. Repack the rag every so often or whenever you notice a pattern starting to repeat. The result should be a 3-D effect—no funny glasses required.

Paint colors: Anthem White (glaze coat) and Breezy (base coat), by Valspar.
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