TOH editor, Scott Omelianuk carves a pumpkin with person wrapped in sheet behind him
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Letter from This Old House, October, 2010

"I'm scared," my wife said.
I looked up from carving my pumpkin. "Why don't you take that sheet off your head and turn the light on?"
"It's not that," she said, adjusting the eyeholes in her Halloween costume to better see me. "It's the new contractor—I think he's disappeared!"
It was true the contractor we had hired to finally finish our botched remodel had gone missing. Fortunately, he turned up before long. We'd had a misunderstanding. He didn't vanish; he'd spent a couple of days in his shop fabricating some parts for our house.
That was a relief, but even so, there's room for fear at our place. Maybe more than ever. See, last October my Letter From This Old House was about the spooky midnight collapse of the ceiling in our TV room and my belief the place was cursed or haunted or something.
Many readers wrote back. A law enforcement officer sent me the phone number of the real-life Ghost Whisperer, saying that the medium could remove the black spirits that cling to people who come in contact with them. Another suggested blessing the house with incense, salt, and spring water.
But one mysterious note really gave me chills. The writer described my fireplace mantel in eerie detail. He somehow knew that the living room had been remodeled years before. He asked if I still had a certain stained-glass window installed in an interior wall. It was as if he had been in my house!
And it turns out he had been. Rich, who used to live in my place a couple of owners prior, recognized it from some of the photos we've run, and he wrote in. It was nice to hear from him, except for the spine-chilling tale he told next.
Back in the 1800s, he said, a man had three identical houses built, one at Lot 1015 for one daughter, one at 1017 for another daughter, and his own at 1019, where I now live. Legend has it that after they settled in, a young girl in 1017 died under mysterious circumstances, and her spirit, confused by the identical houses, moves back and forth between the three, creating mischief!
He told me of an old, stooped woman who lived in 1017, perhaps the sister of the deceased, and how on dark, moonless nights…oops, looks like I'm out of room. Um, sorry, but if you want the rest of the story, you'll have to check out the video version of this month's Letter From This Old House.
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