portable carpentry workshop
Setting up for a carpentry project on a jobsite can take half a day—time taken away from other tasks and time your clients probably don't want to pay for. And that doesn't count all the times you have to return to your truck for a particular screw, router bit or pair of pliers. You could get a lot more done and spend less time setting up and cleaning up with this gem.

Fed up with relying on the saws and work stations set up by his company at off site jobs, veteran NYC carpenter turned inventor Fred Cona spent his off hours building the mother toolbox of all toolboxes, the Rolling Trades Portable Carpentry Workshop. A couple of years ago he won the top award at America's largest inventor's trade show, INPEX.

With stations for a miter saw, table saw and router table, the PCW offers enough adjustable features including outrigger rollers to rip a full sheet of plywood or cut long lengths of trim. Plus, the rolling workshop has enough lockable storage for most of your power tools, levels, squares, fasteners and assorted hand tools. 

Perfect for the pro tradesman with a panel truck or trailer, the PCW is a veritable shop on every site. Check out the video sample Fred posted on his site and get inspired to better organize your jobsite.

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