April 15 Checklist

Consult your tax accountant or financial adviser. You may deserve a break if, during 2009, you:

...bought a home. You may be able to get back $8,000.
...paid real estate taxes on a first or second home (including a livable RV!). You can take a deduction for real estate taxes in 2009 even if you don't itemize.
...took out a home-equity loan. If you borrowed up to $100,000—and spent it on anything, be it home related or not—you may be able to deduct the interest.
...refinanced to pay for a renovation. If you refinanced with a mortgage of up to $1 million to make improvements, you may be able to deduct the interest as "home acquisition debt." Caveat: The allowable amount is affected by your home's fair market value.
...endured a fire, storm, or other calamity. You may be able to deduct a portion of your unreimbursed losses.
...made certain energy-saving investments. It's not quite cash for caulkers, but almost.

Pro Advice
Bernie Bossert, Tax Institute at H&R Block, Kansas City, MO.
"Don't wait till April to organize receipts and documents. Color-code them for 
easy sorting."
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