Fred Cann is a contractor in Long Island, near New York City. He was known for shopping around bids and for getting great prices on building materials. So good, in fact, that another contractor asked Fred if he would help him get good prices too. This gave Fred a brilliant idea, and was born.

Basically, the site does connects contractors with materials suppliers.

Contractors fill in simple information about their business, and then, most importantly, a list of materials they need for an upcoming job.

For instance, you might post the a list of all the framing materials you need for an addition you've got coming up. It's the sort of list you'd give to your local lumberyard.

Suppliers go on the site and cruise the listings that will give them a brief description of the materials, an expiration date, and the number of bids received.

"It's like," Cann says. "Contractors can get in touch with suppliers and vice versa."

The service costs contractors $49.95/month, and it's free for suppliers. "Six hundred bucks a year is nothing, if you're going to save 1,000 bucks on your first window order, right?" Cann says.

The site is very robust and more suppliers are signing up all the time. I live in Connecticut, and when I went to the homepage I was told, "there are currently 167 suppliers waiting to bid on your projects from your region in CT."

This could be the wave of the future for how you get your materials. Your local lumberyard might have to work a little harder to get your business. And you might not have to work as hard as you used to.

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