These chapters and sections cover everything from the equipment, fixtures, appliances, wiring methods and materials for 120/240-volt, and up to 400-ampere, single-phase systems that are most commonly used in the construction or renovation of family homes.

Electrical Glossary Defines the terminology used in the electrical regulations in the IRC. The reference is helpful as you search our index and the sections between each chapter.

Powers and Lighting Distribution Most accessible section for determining general installation and layout location requirements of electrical boxes, receptacles and switches for room power and lights. Sections will include detailed requirements for areas in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, garage and around cabinetry. Ground fault and arc-fault protection is covered and tables on conductors and conduit regulations are included.

Conductors, Connectors and Terminals Clarifies any general requirements for conductors, connections and splices. These sections will ID all standards and specifications.

Electrical Service Lays out all the provisions and installation of conductors and equipment for delivering energy from the serving utility to the wiring system of the house.

Branch Circuits Details how a network of circuits should distribute power between all receptacle outlets or the outlets for lighting and appliances. Find all your branch circuit requirements, feeder ratings, conductor sizing, over current protection and the panelboard specs.

Wiring Methods Covers the wiring methods for services, feeders and branch circuits for the distribution of electrical power above or below ground.

Lights and Devices Offers more specific details for the installation and wiring of different lighting fixtures.

Appliance Installation Provides more details on the installation requirements of appliances and fixed heating equipment and includes a table on all their disconnecting means.

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