As you put together a game plan for the most used room in the house, tap these source authorities for ideas and best practices requirements. Our construction provisions come from the International Residential Code and our design standard recommendations from the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Click the blue text to go directly to the right place in the code.

Distances Between Workspaces Contains the standard design circulation of the three main work centers.

Work Aisle Recommendations for clear floor space and working distances between cabinetry and appliances.

Lighting Outlet Specs for the amount and location of the switch-controlled outlet.

Ventilation and Lighting Covers natural and mechanical options.

Task Lighting Recommended guidelines in addition to code requirements.

Preparation/Work Area Recommended and code-referenced countertop length and depth.

Plumbing Fixtures Approved materials and installation requirements for all kitchen fixtures and fittings.

Ceiling Height Minimum heights and definitions for all areas considered habitable space.

Water-Supply System Design criteria covering flow rates, pipe sizing and pressure limitations. Tables include fixture unit values, required flow rates for fixtures, maximum flow rates and consumptions of fixtures. Includes gas line installation.

Receptacle Placement and Locations Power distributions provisions for small and standard appliance outlet requirements at the countertop.

Electrical Receptacle Outlets Specs for ground fault requirements.

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