IRC Code Finder: Bathroom Design
Photo: Evan Sklar
Wondering if you can shoehorn a commode under your client’s stairway? Or fit a full bath in a closet space for the affordable master suite addition? Use these links to guide you as you arrange the parts.

Toilet, Bath, and Shower Spaces Plan drawing as a quick reference to minimal spacing between all bathroom fixtures, as well as height provisions for shower and bath walls.

Plumbing Fixtures Lists approved materials, installation requirements for all bathroom fixtures, and design details for shower and bath spaces.

Bathroom and Water-Closet Ventilation Has provisions for natural and mechanical options.

Ceiling Height Details minimum heights and definitions for all areas considered habitable space.

Water-Supply System Lays out design criteria for flow rates, pipe sizing and pressure limitations. Tables include fixture unit values, required flow rates for fixtures, maximum flow rates, and consumptions of bathroom fixtures.

Bath Lighting Specifies light fixture requirements for shower and bathtub areas.

Receptacle Locations Specifies requirements for receptacle use in bath and shower area.

Electricity Distribution Specifies amount, and measured locations of receptacle outlets.

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