IRC Code Finder: Roofing
Photo: Ben Stechschulte
Find all you need to know when considering the transition between the walls and the roof assembly. You’ll find references for framing, sheathing, attic access, ventilation, and even approved finish materials for the ceiling. A full chapter is dedicated to the design and construction provisions for every type of roofing material. Click on the links below to learn more.

Wood Roof Framing Begins with lumber identification and grade specifications and details design construction of all framing elements. A comprehensive group of tables covers ceiling joist and rafter spans, rafter-to-ceiling and truss-to-wall connections. Final section specifies roof tie downs for uplift resistance.

Roof Sheathing Specifications for both lumber and structural panel sheathing.

Steel Roof Framing Detailed provisions for the complete design and construction of steel roofs on buildings no bigger than 60 feet long perpendicular to the joists and no wider than 36 feet. Sections include material standards for cold-formed steel framing members, span tables, fastener schedules and a good collection of drawings detailing connections.

Roof Ventilation Design details and minimum ventilation areas for enclosed attics and spaces where the ceiling is directly attached to the underside of the rafters. Provisions for unvented attic assemblies include a table that specifies insulation for condensation control.

Attic Access Size specifications for buildings that have a ceiling and roof constructed of combustible materials.

Roofing Assemblies Dedicated to the design, materials, construction and quality of the roof covering. Classifications, universal requirements, flashing, and installation details for every type of roofing—from tiles, shingles, and shakes to built-up roofing materials. A final section sets forth the conditions for recovering or replacing roofing.

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