International Residential Code Finder: Foundations
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Planning an addition or beginning a new home project or just need some reference material to discuss with your engineer or client? Do a cost comparison on all the details or just use these links to check code-approved best practices.

General Provisions When and where you can use a wood foundation and what provisions are necessary for a flood prone area. Check out load accommodating requirements corresponding to soil and drainage.

Materials for Wood and Concrete Which fasteners and treatments to use for wood, concrete compression strength and design conditions for precast foundations.

Footings Detailed sectional drawings of footings for bearing walls and every type of foundation. Includes information on sizing, depths, seismic reinforcement, and slope to accommodate all load types corresponding to soil character.

Foundations and Retaining Walls Construction requirements for wood, concrete, and masonry designs. Sections include details on sizing, reinforcement, seismic design, and backfill requirements.

Foundation Drainage Approved drainage systems and requriments for concrete masonry and wood foundations that retain earth and enclose usable spaces below grade.

Foundation Waterproofing and Damproofing Conditions, requirements and system options for waterproofing or damproofing all types of foundations surrounding below grade usable spaces.

Columns Requirements for the structural design and protection from rust and decay of both steel and wood columns.

Under-Floor Space Ventilation and accesses requirements and details for unvented crawl spaces, finished floor grade, and flood resistance.

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