kreg tool mounting drawer slide
Photo: Courtesy of Kreg Tool Company
You might be one of those anti-gadgets guys who thinks that there are too many silly little products on the market that no one really needs. If that's the case, you probably won't even consider spending about $30 to buy a Kreg drawer slide mounting tool.

You'd probably rather just hold a drawer slide on one hand while you stick your head inside a dark cabinet carcass and hold a cordless drill in the other hand as you try to line up the slide perfectly perpendicular to the front of the cabinet, then try not to drop the little screws off the end of your driver bit. And then when the slides don't line up exactly right you can spend more time trying to adjust them, and then the screw holes strip from running the screws in and out a whole bunch of times.

Thirty bux is a lot to spend for a plastic tool fitted with rare earth magnets and a simple handle that clamps to the front of a cabinet and enables you to efficiently mount a slide in a few seconds, perfectly placed every time.

Or maybe not.

Kreg Drawer Slide Mounting Tool, about $30,

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