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Photo: Courtesy Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
In the fall of 2009, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, started a two-year degree program in Preservation Trades Technology, designed for professionals already working in the field or for students who aspire to.

The program includes three courses that start in the fall, including Fundamentals of Historic Preservation, History of Pennsylvania Architecture, and Pennsylvania Building Technology. After completing those classes, students take hands-on courses in carpentry or masonry preservation. The carpentry courses include Wood Repair, Wood Window Repair, Complex Moldings and Porch Preservation and Repair. Masonry courses include Mortars in Preservation, Masonry Repair & Repointing, and Masonry Cleaning.

While there are other historic preservation educational programs in the country, the one at Thaddeus is one of the few directed towards students who are already in the trades and want to learn more. For more information on these and other trades-based preservation programs, visit

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