So far, Big Wally's has lived up to its promise; my repairs remain solid and crack free. Just be warned that this job demands a lot of patience, an unwavering attention to detail, and a high tolerance for dust, drips, and the occasional drilling mistake. If that's not you, show your painter how Big Wally's works and let him fix your walls. (They have to be primed and painted anyway once the holes are filled.) Just be warned: once you start a repair, you'll begin to seeing more areas that need attention. Better to buy more than you think you need, than to run out of adhesive halfway through the job. (In my own particularly bad walls, one tube was sufficient for about 3 lineal feet of 8-foot wall.)

The same goes for the plastic washers. Big Wally's supplies 15 in its approx. $85 Painter's kit, but I needed many more. You can stock up with a 1,000-count container from Demandproducts for approx. $40; .

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