I used Big Wally's this winter on the cracked and bulging plaster in my hallway walls and ceiling. Following the directions on the package, I drilled a series of holes through the plaster, stopping when I hit the lath, then squirted the milky conditioner into the same holes (see images 1-3). The old plaster sucked this stuff up like a sponge, and became rock hard once the conditioner dried. Next I caulk-gunned the thicker adhesive into the holes and clamped the lath to the back side of the plaster with drywall screws and big plastic washers (see images 4 and 5). Neither glue has any odor to speak of, and both of them wash up with water. (As I learned, if you don't flush the conditioner out of the spray head, it gets completely gummed up.) After the glue set in a day or two, I backed out the screws, popped off the washers, and filled the holes. A quick skim coat finished the job to my satisfaction.

The images to the left show "Big Wally" himself, Rory Brennan, demonstrating technique for Ask This Old House. (Stay tuned to see Rory in action when Ask airs its sixth season on PBS in October.)

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